What is HomeDossier and how does it work:

HomeDossier is a tool for private and professional people who sell or rent real estates. With this tool they can easily and quickly create a clean, simple and professional sales dossier of their home. In just a few steps, it is possible to create a HomeDossier for your house or flat for free. Our goal is to optimally support you with a professional sales dossier in your sales process.

The following three steps explain the most important aspects of the HomeDossier tool, which help to create an individual and clean HomeDossier.

Take Pictures

Whether with your smartphone or a professional camera, it is important that you tidy up the rooms and that there is enough light. Please take pictures in the highest possible quality (at least 300 dpi resolution). Check that no persons are shown in the photos. In addition, you should remove all personal items such as photographs, clothes, etc. before taking the pictures. Take pictures of all the rooms from different angles and perspectives, so that the buyer can get a better view.

Fill in HomeDossier wizard

Thanks to our tool, you don’t need to worry about how you best describe your home. Simply click through the clear HomeDossier tool and select the criteria that describe your home the best. All the rest is done by our tool automatically and based on your input a great HomeDossier is created. In the event that a specific description is missing in the tool, you have the option to supplement this. The home details are organised into the following chapters:

  • Descriptionof the environment can be done via aninteractive tool where you can add the most important locations on amap and choose some relevant facts and figures for your location

  • Descriptionof the rooms where you can select fromdifferent descriptions those that suit your home best

  • Picturesof the rooms that can be uploaded tothe tool easily

  • Financialaspects that are queried based on afew questions

Select language and style

To give your HomeDossier a more individual, personal character, choose from one of our great designs and you get an individually created, professional HomeDossier.

In addition, you have the opportunity to receive your HomeDossier in different languages. With a few clicks it can be ordered in German, French, Italian and English. So you can easily increase the number of potential buyers.

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Thomas Kalt
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Adrian Iten
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