Our Frequently Asked Questions

Below you find a collection of the answers to the most common questions people ask about HomeDossier. Please use this list in order to get a better understanding of our tool and find answers to some of your questions. In case your question is not listed in our FAQ, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or telephone.

  • Why should I create a HomeDossier; I could just advertise my home on one of the many internet portals?

      The internet is great to get in contact with new potential clients, but you probably don’t want to share all the information and details with the whole internet community. Instead, you can use a HomeDossier in order to share all detailed information only with real, potential clients. In addition, for most people buying a home is a big step in their lives and therefore they want to discuss this step with their relatives and friends and show their new home on paper over a cup of coffee. Furthermore, a neat and clear HomeDossier demonstrates professionalism and reliability.

  • How do I create a HomeDossier?

      It requires only a few easy clicks to create your own individual HomeDossier. In order to start just click on the front page on the button “Try HomeDossier today” or just click on this Link. Afterwards the wizard will guide you through different questions until the tool has enough information to create your personal HomeDossier.

  • Is HomeDossier FREE?

      Yes, with HomeDossier it is possible to create a dossier of your home for FREE. If you would like to individualise your dossier, the tool provides different features that cost a little bit of money. With the features that are available for a fee you can, for example, get your dossier translated in another language or get a different design.

  • How do I get a HomeDossier without any advertisements?

      The HomeDossier version that is free of charge is done in our own corporate design and contains some information of this tool. However, you can purchase another design that isn’t in our corporate design and doesn’t contain any advertisements.

  • Do I need a login?

      In order to create a HomeDossier and to be able to access the HomeDossier for a maximum of 12 months you have to create a personal account.

  • How can I pay for the features?

      HomeDossier is free of charge. But if you buy one of the optional features, such as a different design or the translation into other languages, you can pay by credit card.

  • What happens to my data?

      Your data will be treated with absolute confidentiality and discretion. The data will not be disclosed to third parties and will only be saved so that you can customise your HomeDossier at a later stage, if required. All data is stored on the server of a Swiss hosting provider. Our partner is subject to the highest privacy and security regulations.

  • Can I edit my HomeDossier in multiple languages?

      Yes, you can automatically create your HomeDossier in different languages. HomeDossier is generated in the same language in which you fill in the tool. However, you can translate your HomeDossier into other languages at a small cost. At the moment we offer the dossiers in German, French, Italian and English.

  • In what format will I receive my dossier?

      Your dossier is available as a PDF immediately after entering all relevant information. There is also the option to order it in hard copy from our print shop at an unbeatable low price.

  • Can I order a hard copy of my own HomeDossier?

      You can order your HomeDossier as a beautiful glossy brochure from our print shop at an unbeatable low price. In the print shop you will see the total price for the number of dossiers you would like to order. They are delivered directly to your home within a few days.

  • What are the requirements for the images?

      It's important that the images are uploaded in a very good quality (≥300 dpi). Only then is it guaranteed that there is no pixilation in the PDF and your HomeDossier corresponds to your high demands.

      • 1 image on an A4 page: ~ 8 mega pixels, ~ 4MB JPG file

      • 2 images on one A4 page: ~ 2 mega pixel, ~ 1MB JPG file

  • Can I revise my dossier after I created it?

      You can use the tool as often as you like to edit and change your HomeDossier, as long as you have not yet created the definitive PDF. You can generate a preview during the process of creation. The address of the home cannot be changed anymore.

      However, if you’ve bought an additional feature for your dossier you can retrieve your file for a period of 12 months and edit it except for the address of the home.

  • Can I create my very special home with the HomeDossier tool?

      Yes, the tool is designed to meet individual demands. With the features available for a fee, it is possible to have additional design options for your very special home.

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